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Welcome to Clinicians’ Corner! Please join our growing community of healthcare providers in Canada using evidence-based Fountain of Health™ tools. We are here to support you in your efforts to improve health outcomes for health promotion and chronic disease management. Our resources and training for clinicians are outlined below include: 

Use Health Behaviour Change Toolkit

Are you a busy clinician who wants quick, effective health behaviour change tools to improve patients’ self-management? Promote patients’ self-care, activate health behaviours and improve health outcomes with a minimal intervention in only 5 minutes using the Health Behaviour Change Toolkit. The Toolkit has been field-tested in over 1000 outpatients in healthcare settings across Canada. Among patients of clinicians using this Toolkit, results show significantly improved levels of goal attainment (89%) and well-being (85%) as well as statistically significant differences in self-rated health attitudes. For more details please see Our Research

Order Toolkit

To request your free e-copy of the Health Behaviour Change Toolkit click here

To order a $50.00 hard copy of the Toolkit (cost-recovery only), please contact us at: info@fountainofhealth.ca

Sample of Health Behaviour Change Toolkit Resources (download for free):

When using the above paper tools, the patient’s goal is documented on the Goal Doc Sheet, one per patient. Clinicians check-in again in person or by phone about month later. Find out how the goal went, complete the post Health & Resilience Post-Questionnaire and document on the Goal Doc Sheet.

Watch Video

To learn more, watch a 5-minute video on how to use our health behaviour change tools in frontline care. 

Clinician Feedback on Toolkit

To date, over 2200 clinicians have received training on using the Health Behaviour Change Toolkit. The vast majority of clinicians report the Toolkit is easy to use, well-received by patients and effective in promoting health behaviour change. Hear comments from Dr. Paul Blackburn, Geriatric Psychiatrist from Vancouver below:

Clinician Testimonials

"I have been very impressed that even patients that I have seen for years and years are open to trying the Health and Behaviour Change Tools. Many are appreciative that I am suggesting a new approach and are eager to participate."

“My patient is rethinking what ‘successful aging’ means to her. She is definitely more positive and took up two new physical activities.”

“Setting a goal gave the client confidence to try a new activity, a yoga class, and also meet a few people. The questionnaire provided a visual way of measuring progress.”

Use The Wellness App with Patients

Invite your patients to register to use The Wellness App.  Patients can complete the above pre- and post-Health and Resilience Questionnaires, set and track their goal, and receive the benefit of encouragement from the App between visits. Follow-up a month later to find out how things went. Patients can either print out or save their 4- Week Check Out summary to share with you. Note: Please invite your patients to enter their App profile page as: “Invited by clinician to use The Wellness App.”

For More information see The Wellness App Clinician Information Sheet.

Clinician Wellness: Try Out The Wellness App for Yourself!

The Fountain of Health™ provides support for clinicians’ self-care as well. Research shows that clinicians who engage in self-care behaviours report greater well-being, have a lower risk of burnout and also report greater ease recommending health behaviour change to their own patients. 

Try out The Wellness App for yourself. Register to use The Wellness App to set and meet your health goals. Please enter your App profile page as: “A clinician using the App for myself.”

Training Opportunities:
Take an Online Course

Register for our CME-accredited 4-week Online Course: “5 minute CBT:  Activating Health Behaviours to Improve Health Outcomes Using Fountain of Health Tools.” This course brings minimal intervention to life, deepens understanding of behaviour activation and enhances competence in using tools for a wide range of patients & disorders.

To learn more or register for the “5 minute CBT” Course, please contact us at: info@fountainofhealth.ca

Run an Optimal Aging Workshop

Would you like to support health and wellness in your own community? We offer support, training and materials that clinicians and educators can use to run the 4-week Fountain of Health™ Optimal Aging Workshop series: PowerPoints with speakers notes, a poster to help you to advertise your session, and pre- and post- quality assurance outcome measures. For a brief overview on how to plan a 4-week Fountain of Health Optimal Aging workshop in your community, check out How to Facilitate a 4 Week Optimal Aging Workshop.

To request training and order Optimal Aging Workshop materials, contact us at  info@fountainofhealth.ca.

Lead an Enhanced CBT Group

The Fountain of Health™ Enhanced CBT Group Therapy is a manualized 9-week treatment program modified for older adults with depressive and anxiety disorders. To registration for the training course and/or order an e-copy of our “Enhanced CBT Group” patient and therapist manuals, please contact us at info@fountainofhealth.ca.

For background information, see abstract: Enhanced CBT Group

National Speakers' Bureau

Our National Speakers’ Bureau members are clinicians, academics and leaders in the field from across Canada. If you would like to request an in person or virtual talk from our Speakers’ Bureau at your upcoming conference, rounds or meeting, please email us at info@fountainofhealth.ca.

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